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Founder, Kim N. Hardy 

Kim N. Hardy founded HardyHandz in 2017 after decades of frustration and misunderstanding that accompanied her epilepsy diagnosis. Kim was led by God to create HardyHandz.

She wanted to create an outlet for people suffering from this epilepsy, as well as their friends and families who battle with them. It was Kim’s faith, empathy for others and leadership that has sustained this organization. Kim states her purpose is in creating space for those with epilepsy and letting them know they are not alone in anything they experience, fear or feel.

In 2019, Kim wrote her first book, Adventures of Wallee and Kimmie: Wallee to the Rescue. This is the first book in her series for children to help explain how epilepsy can affect them and their loved ones. Kim’s life work is fighting for those with epilepsy to have a more equitable community in South Carolina.

Kim's book, Adventures of Wallee and Kimmie: Wallee to the Rescue is available for purchase. Order your copy via Amazon today!

Pictured above: Kim and Wallee

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